Training and support for every step of the journey

From benchtop to IPO, we support entrepreneurs throughout the startup lifecycle, helping them to grow their commercialisation skills and scale their ideas into deep tech ventures.

1. Getting started

If you're just getting started, we have a range of learning opportunities to build your foundational startup and commercialisation skills, from courses and events to blog posts and webinars.

Foundations Online Learning
Foundations is our online learning platform taught by expert faculty. It offers an accessible way for anyone to build foundational skills in commercialising technology – at your own pace, from anywhere.

Seminars & Workshops
We’ve created a series of seminars to share essential knowledge for anyone on the path of building a deep tech startup, designed to level-up the capabilities needed to turn a concept into a viable business.

Who is it for
Innovators at the beginning of their journey or pre-idea. Open to anyone.

Medtech Foundations

Part of the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program, this online course takes you through the building blocks of establishing a successful healthtech business in NSW.

Starting learning

One Day Seminars

Part of the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program, this series of seminars covers fundamental topics that are key to commercialisation in healthtech.

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Space Foundations

Offered by the National Space Industry Hub, Space Foundations is an online course to learn how to turn a breakthrough spacetech idea into into a business.

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2. Time to validate

You've refined your idea and are now looking to validate it with peers and experts. We offer a range of startup development programs to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help turn your deep tech idea into reality.

Our in-depth courses, practical workshops and bespoke learning opportunities will help you apply entrepreneurial skills to your own business.

Who is it for
Early-stage teams and entrepreneurs (pre-seed to Series A) looking for personalised support and deeper learning. A mix of open access and selection process.

Cicada Medlab 101

Delivered as part of the REDI (MTPConnect), Cicada MedLab is a series of workshops delivered across Australia. It's aim is to develop the fundamental research commercialisation skills of scientists, researchers, clinicians, and budding entrepreneurs in medtech and biotech. 

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Customer Discovery Course

Develop your customer discovery skills in our intensive course that runs one day per week over 7 weeks. Part of the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program.

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Business Fundamentals

A 3-day course that shares practical advice and guidance on how to establish and set up your health tech business up for success. Part of the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program.

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Space Elevate

Space Elevate is a course for Australian researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs with revolutionary solutions that have the potential to become impactful space businesses. The course equips you with the knowledge and skills to help you turn an idea into reality.

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These last six months we’ve learned the importance of goal setting, staying focussed, tracking progress and celebrating the wins. Thank you to the entire Cicada team. We’ll take these learnings and continue to apply them. Onwards and upwards.

Heba Khamis

Founder & CEO, Contactile – a hardware venture using tactile sensors to give robots a human sense of touch (Fast Start, 2021) 

3. Time to scale

For those ready to take the next step, you can become a resident of the incubator or join one of our deep dive courses.

Accelerate & grow
Fast Start is a 6-month intensive program tailored for each deep tech venture so you can supercharge your commercialisation journey. Our specialisation courses help you get focused to move faster.

Who is it for
Established ventures that are looking to scale up. Application process required.

Health Specialisations

Part of NSW Health Commercialisation Training program we offer four health sector specific courses to help you bring your solution to market. 

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Space Fast Start

Offered by the National Space Industry Hub, Fast Start is an intense coaching program for ambitious space ventures. With a dedicated coach by your side, you will set goals, focus on what is important, and remove roadblocks to move more quickly.


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