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About this online course

Medtech Foundations is an online course made more accessible than ever and designed to help you learn the fundamentals of bringing innovative health technology from lab to market.

It will equip you with the understanding and tools to help you validate your idea, engage with customers and assess your market opportunity so that you have the best chance of commercialising your health tech solution.

Contains over 10 hours of content and is free to access.

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Who is it for?

Medtech Foundations is for budding entrepreneurs, researchers, clinicians, intrapraneurs, and anyone else with a health tech idea looking to learn how to turn breakthrough technology into a business.

Program Stage: Getting started

What you will learn

Each module is taught by an industry leader and features case studies, useful resources, and activities so you can learn the following:

  • Fundamentals of commercialising an innovation 

  • Principles of lean startup 

  • Validating your idea 

  • Building your value proposition 

  • Customer and stakeholder engagement techniques 

  • Analysing your potential market 

  • Assessing your competitors.

Excellent! This is the course I needed. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to do a startup.


About NSW Health

NSW Health is supporting the medical and health sector by investing in their people to build capacity, form stronger networks across the state and nurture innovative medical technologies through the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program.

The Program aims to fast-track innovative ideas that will revolutionise the healthcare sector, improve patient outcomes, and provide economic opportunities for emerging medtech and biotech businesses in NSW. 

Visit the NSW Health and Medical Research website for information on key programs and initiatives.

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