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Two deep tech pioneers

Since 2009, the annual Tech23 festival has called together the deep tech ecosystem to celebrate pioneering Australia science.

This year, Tech23 joins the Cicada family, united by our shared mission to celebrate and amplify radical innovators.

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Cicada Innovations revives Rachel Slattery’s pioneering deep tech conference Tech23

16 Jan 2023 | Sydney-based deep tech incubator Cicada Innovations has taken custodianship of the annual deep technology conference Tech23 from its founder, Rachel Slattery.

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Here’s how to achieve diversity in STEM – and why it matters

30 Nov 2022 | As recently appointed Chair of the Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review, our CEO Sally-Ann Williams highlights "the ways we will find ways to improve diversity and increase the participation of women in Australia’s STEM sectors"

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Cicada Innovations Budget Statement

26 Oct 2022 | Cicada Innovations CEO, Sallyann Williams reflects on what the 2022-23 federal budget means for deep tech.

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3 examples of what it takes to become a science entrepreneur

31 Aug 2022 | Successful science entrepreneurs hail from all sorts of divergent backgrounds and take entirely unique pathways to achieving success.

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2022 ‘the year of deep tech’

Jan 2022 | “Deep tech” is set to hit mainstream consciousness over the next year. Our CEO Sally-Ann Williams spoke to the Herald Sun about how a host of homegrown dep tech companies are achieving world-changing milestones.

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Deep tech is finally in the spotlight

13 Jan 2023 | After years flying under the radar and being overshadowed by crazily overvalued software companies, Australia’s deep tech sector is finally winning acclaim.

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Govt-funded support for NSW deep techs to cross valley of death

27 Oct 2022 | The Deep Tech Commercialisation Training Program (DTCTP) is modelled on the longer running NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program, which is also delivered by Cicada Innovations and tested an expansion last year.

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Tech industry pleased about skills, worried about cyber

26 Oct 2022 | Sally-Ann Williams and other tech leaders reflect on what the budget means for the tech sector.

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Why deep tech needs more than just a desk to succeed

19 Oct 2022 | For our latest column in Startup Daily, we explain why deep tech startups need much more than just a desk to succeed

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Science, research and the rise of Deep Tech startups

19 Aug 2022 | We are seeing a growing global appetite for science and technology discovery driven by global disturbances such as the pandemic and climate change, and the related global economic repercussions.

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Cicada Innovations to operate new biotech incubator

CSL, WEHI and The University of Melbourne jointly announce the appointment of Cicada Innovations as the independent operator of the new biotech incubator...

Pathways to Science Entrepreneurship

Explore three unique science entrepreneurship journeys: a researcher turned founder, a corporate leader turned founder, and a serial entrepreneur.Their backgrounds and experiences may differ significantly, but these three science entrepreneurs prove that you can arrive at deep tech from any direction. But what you do need is to be resilient, driven, structured, and - most importantly - purposeful.
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The art of science communication in building a business

At our February Cicada Buzz, our very own communicator extraordinaire, Sally-Ann Williams, CEO of Cicada Innovations spoke with two incredible STEM communicators, Phil Morle a Partner at Main Sequence Ventures and Kylie Ahern, CEO & Founder of STEM Matters to get their insights on how scientists and deep tech entrepreneurs can best communicate their work and its impact.
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Australia’s Deep Tech Opportunity Report

This report is a key piece of research into how critical deep tech is in addressing our biggest challenges, and how it is already creating value for Australia in a multitude of ways. It documents how deep tech incubators serve the unique needs of deep tech startups, and sets out a vision for Australia to realise its deep tech potential. 

The Medical Device Commercialisation Program Report

This report gives a detailed overview of the Program’s origins and its economic impact over the course of its six years, and demonstrates its enormous potential to push NSW — and Australia — to the forefront in medtech innovation on a global stage.

Cicada Spotlights

Tim Parsons: Space Expert-in-Residence

Tim shares what sparked his interest in space, his advice for deep tech entrepreneurs and why he's excited about joining the hub.
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Heba Khamis: Founder of Contactile

Meet Heba Khamis - the CEO and Founder of Contactile, who design sensors that replicate human touch in robots. Contactile started as a Fast Start participant and now a resident at the Space Hub.
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Phillip Ellery: Founder of agtech startup, Sustinent

After wrapping up our New and Sustainable Materials Expo, we sat down with one of the innovators - Phillip Ellery, founder of Sustinent (also a resident of Cicada) - who shared his vision, motivation, and future goals for Sustinent.
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Melina Georgousakis: Founder of Franklin Women

It is important to shine a light on founders making change through revolutionary ideas, but there is always a whole village often unseen, supporting these founders. One of these incredible fountains of support is Franklin Women - a community for women working across the health and medical ecosystem. We spoke to founder Melina Georgousakis about her inspirational stories coming out of Franklin Women, her greatest career lessons, and her hopes for Australia's women working in this sector.
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