Australia’s home for deep tech

Cicada Innovations is Australia's flagship deep tech incubator. With a twenty year track record of developing ventures focused on the world’s most pressing problems and promising opportunities. Through our incubator and commercialisation programs we support innovators with cutting-edge labs and training, access to mentors and a community of ambitious peers.

Purpose built for innovation

Over 50 resident ventures work together in our dedicated space that offers custom labs and offices, specialist events and a thriving community.

If you are a deep tech startup looking for a unique home for your business, find out more about our incubator.

Full-lifecycle support

For innovators at the start of their journey, we offer a host of learning opportunities and resources to build foundational knowledge in commercialise their ideas and scaling a venture.

Creating connections

We bring together ventures and industry to find ways to support the deep tech ecosystem and unearth new ideas. Collaborating with Cicada allows industry partners to access our unique community of problem-solvers, makers and brilliant minds.

Making radical innovation a reality

This year, long running event Tech23 joins the Cicada family, united by our shared mission to celebrate and amplify Australia's radical innovators. Cicada x Tech23 is a deep tech event for Australian pioneers, innovators and problem-solvers to connect, spark meaningful conversations and share brave ideas that propel humanity into a better future.

We’re calling out to Australia’s emerging wave of thought-leaders, problem-solvers and pioneers to share their game-changing ideas with the rest of the world.


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Upcoming programs and events

GrowLab Grains Challenge 2023

February 15th, 2023
Helping startups impacting the agriculture and grains industry to achieve their mission through highly personalised coaching. As part of their mission to solve the grain industry's biggest challenges, the GRDC are funding for Cicada Innovations to support four startups through the GrowLab Grains Challenge. The 6 month program will run from March - September 2023. Apply below before 15th February 2023.
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Space Elevate

Space Elevate is a course a fast-paced, hands-on workshop for Australian researchers, engineers, and early stage entrepreneurs with revolutionary space tech idea looking for personalised advice and feedback to help you grow faster. Applications are open for Space Elevate in Brisbane.
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Online seminar: Geospatial Analytics at scale

January 31st, 2023

​Join us for a unique online seminar on geospatial analytics at scale using powerful cloud capabilities. Delivered by the Microsoft Azure Space team, the session will provide use cases and real-world applications including a demo.

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National Space Industry Hub Expo 2023

February 20th, 2023

​Join us for an evening of celebrations to mark the first anniversary of the National Space Industry Hub. Discover how space entrepreneurs are transforming their industry, learn about the new collaborations formed across the ecosystem, and hear from leaders on the opportunities for adjacent sectors to join the space race.

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Discover tomorrow

Explore insights and perspectives from a community working at the forefront of research, science and engineering.

The deep tech opportunity

For every $1 generated by a deep tech company, more than $3 of value is created for other startups, businesses and the general public. We believe deep tech has the potential to transform the Australian economy.

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