Our residents past and present

Our residents have created hundreds of millions of dollars of social and economic value – transforming lives and industries through new technology.

Current Residents

  • ANT61

    Autonomous robots empowering sustainable space sector development.

  • Anthrocell

    Next-generation biopharmaceuticals

  • Aquila

    Re-imagining and building new energy systems.

  • Archer Materials

    Archer is developing a qubit processor chip to operate at room temperature and integrate with modern electronics.

  • Azaneo

    Herbicide free weed management

  • BellaSeno

    Clinical stage medical device venture specialising in regenerative implants.

  • Calumino

    AI-enabled smart thermal sensors for industrial applications.

  • Clarity Pharmaceuticals

    Next-generation targeted radiopharmaceutical oncology solutions.

  • Contactile

    Tactile sensor solutions for robotic applications.

  • Deneb Space

    Autonomous technologies to enhance satellite manoeuvrability and operations.

  • Extraterrestrial Power

    Next-gen solar cell technology for space operations.

  • Gelion Technologies

    Renewable energy grid-scale batteries.

  • Invertigro

    Indoor vertical farm solutions.

  • LeoLabs

    World’s first mapping platform for space


    Luminescent diffusers to improve crop growth and yield

  • Mawson Rovers

    Robotic logistics for space exploration.

  • milliBeam

    Energy-efficient 5G wave chipsets.

  • MP Space

    Next gen battery energy systems for satellites

  • Navbit

    AI enabled sensor medtech navigation device for surgical applications.

  • Newera Bio

    Newera.bio is developing next-generation eco sustainable water and energy efficient textile dyes.

  • Osara Health

    Cancer support programs that actually improve health

  • Pending.AI

    Accelerating drug discovery with AI

  • Platypus Vision

    Machine vision grain inspection & grading systems

  • Presien

    AI vision systems for heavy industry.

  • Rhizocore

    Reforestation and regeneration of native forests.

  • RUX Energy

    Hydrogen storage solutions for industry.

  • SpeeDx

    Molecular diagnostics for detection of viral and bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance markers.

  • Spiral Blue

    Edge computing hardware built for space.

  • Sustinent

    Transforming agricultural waste into new resources

  • Syenta

    Fabrication solution enabling 3D printing of multi-material electronics.

  • Telemattica

    Realtime overhead wiring condition monitoring of electric rail and tram systems.

  • VXB Aerospace

    In-space propulsion systems for satellite operations.

  • X-Centric Sciences

    Portable soil composition measurement (including carbon) and analysis device.

  • Xefco

    Water-free sustainable textile manufacturing.

The community has been extremely valuable, we've successfully collaborated with other portfolio companies and have a vast network at our fingertips. The connections we’ve established will no-doubt be instrumental as we continue to expand our business globally.


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