Technology built on breakthroughs in science and engineering

Deep technology has the potential for global impact. In addition to positive social and environment impact, successful ventures can generate massive financial return for Australia.

Australia has lost its place at the forefront of innovation.

Innovation is a key driver in creating long-term economic growth and resilience for a nation. It also brings unrivalled improvements in living standards for citizens, such as lengthening average life expectancy, creating jobs and opportunities, and raising wealth.

Translating knowledge into commercial technology improves human lives.

Australia has a rich history of research and development having developed and exported hugely successful inventions like WiFi, Cochlear implants and the flight recorder. But currently only 12 of the 2,500 global R&D leaders are Australian.

The next generation of deep tech successes represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Providing these early stage companies with access to finance, a business network, skilled workers and specialised facilities is vital.

It’s time for leaders to recognise the enormous benefits of investing in science and technology and the clear and significant opportunity for financial return from R&D.

Success in deep tech takes time

Australia's deep tech giants are "thirty-year overnight successes". As we seek to recover and transform the economy post-COVID-19, we believe we can draw on our deep tech strengths to build a healthy society, high quality jobs, and a robust sustainable economy.

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Like the cicada, our namesake, which incubates underground for 17 years before emerging into the world, deep tech ventures can take decades to become established.

Compared to traditional startups, deep tech ventures require lengthy R&D, greater investment and support.

Our goal is to provide the space, resources and connections for ventures working at the forefront of technology – and to create a proven pathway to commercial success.

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Deep tech ventures are led by the impact they create: tackling antibiotics resistance, helping farmers grow more food, or developing carbon capture technology.

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