Cicada x Tech23

Australia’s biggest deep tech event

7th August 2024

We are proud custodians of this long running event, that spotlights the best Australian science, innovation, and technology, and celebrates the people with the bold and big ambitions behind them.

The event connects visionary founders to a network of investors, leaders and big thinkers – inviting the ecosystem to support game-changing people and businesses that can revolutionise our world.

This year's event which will take place on Wednesday 7th August in Sydney. We invite leaders from across the deep tech ecosystem and beyond to bring your unique perspectives and energy to help steer the conversations that could define the future of innovation in Australia.

What to expect

This is not your traditional startup pitchfest. Cicada x Tech23 emphasises in-depth discussions around 23 startups, organised into themed streams that anticipate the future opportunities and challenges for Australia and the world.

  • Engage with 23 leading deep tech thinkers and innovators shaping the future of technology.

  • Discover new and unexpected voices from across various industries, all united in their drive to forge a new future.

  • Connect with over 400 leaders from business, investment, and government, each committed to nurturing a thriving deep tech community.

Glimpse into the future, then do your part to make it a reality

We will gather deep tech village of investors, business leaders and policymakers and ask “everyone to imagine our own roles in building a better and brighter future.”

Systems not silos

The interconnected nature of our world demands a shift toward systemic thinking and design. We must tackle global problems from multiple angles simultaneously. Governments, businesses, and communities must align on a grand vision, recognising that deep tech solutions require a complex, collaborative approach to thrive.

At Tech23 we will explore five systems, from the built environment to human health, where we'll envisage decades ahead, imagining alternative futures and unveiling the technologies and entrepreneurs that can get us there.

A Waste Free World

How can advancements in sustainable production and waste shift us to a circular economy?

Forging Industrial Futures

How can emerging deep technologies create the blueprint of tomorrow’s industrial landscape?

Resilient Farm & Food Systems

How can deep tech innovations enhance the resilience and sustainability of our agricultural practices and food supply chains?

Shifting the Mindset on Medicine

How can emerging deep tech innovations transform our understanding and practice of healthcare?

Urban Ecosystems Reimagined

How can deep tech solutions transform urban environments into sustainable, interconnected ecosystems for all?

Meet the 23

Rewriting Australia's deep tech narrative

Read our Cicada x Tech23 2023 Insights Report which underscores the breadth and diversity of deep tech businesses and talent we have here in Australia. 

  • The pivotal role of collaborations and partnerships in developing and bringing solutions to market

  • Some of the persistent challenges of 'scaling' deep tech businesses

  • The need for a 'systems' approach to seeking out and supporting deep tech ventures

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