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Australia's space industry, valued at 6.8 billion today...

...and poised for transformative growth and vast opportunities for startups in space and deep tech sectors. The increasing demand for satellite launches and space-enabled services, from telecommunications to climate monitoring, highlights a market ripe for innovation. Australian startups are uniquely positioned to lead in this expansion, driving significant impact across multiple applications.

The National Space Industry Hub is dedicated to empowering Australia’s innovators to better the world through space. The Hub provides essential support, mentorship, and a collaborative network that encourages startups working across deep tech to explore space applications. We believe this will not only propel the industry forward but aligns with a broader mission of utilising space technology to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and unlock new opportunities.

Creating a vibrant and globally competitive Space industry in Australia delivering benefits at a global scale

The National Space Industry Hub is on a mission to empower Australia’s innovators to better the world through Space.

Delivered by Cicada Innovations and supported by the NSW Government, the Space Hub is a home for anyone with the ambition to create and launch space tech innovations. It offers a physical space, resources, mentoring, and connections for emerging space ventures and researchers in Australia.


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National Space Industry Hub programs

No matter if you're just starting with a groundbreaking idea or steering an established venture, our structured four-stage pathway is here to guide your concept into a thriving space business ready for market expansion.


Get a taste for Space commercialisation

Space Foundations is a free self-paced online course for you to gain foundational knowledge and skills in commercialising space innovations and innovations utilising space technology.

You’ll learn from our expert faculty of space industry leaders, investors and advisors, as well as case studies of Australian space startups, practical worksheets and useful resources. You'll come away with a clear understanding of whether you have a viable idea for commercialisation that fits within the space industry.


Get ready to launch your venture 

Over an intensive hands-on 2-day workshop, our mentors and experts will provide personalised advice and feedback to help you gain deeper insights, validate your market and customers and refine your value proposition. 

Space Elevate is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop for you to work on your space tech idea with personalised advice and feedback to help you go faster.

Key dates: EOI open for 2025

Where: In-person at Cicada Innovations


Grow and scale your venture

If you are ready to grow, Fast Start is a 6 month intensive program tailored for each venture sto supercharge your commercialisation journey. You’ll be supported by a dedicated coach, a pool of mentors and have your own workspace at the Space Hub for the duration of the program to work towards those important next milestones.

Every team's pathway is different, so what you get out of Space Fast Start will depend on what you are seeking to achieve. Outcomes from previous Fast Start participants have included:

  • Establishing new partnerships in the space industry

  • Increasing industry engagement

  • Getting investment or grant ready


Grow and scale your venture

Space Hub residency is open to ventures who wish to be based within Cicada's deep tech incubator. The Space Hub offers purpose-built labs, prototyping facilities, and flexible offices, as well as a tight-knit community of like minded entrepreneurs, experts and industry players who can offer advice, connections and support.

If you are interested in becoming a resident of the National Space Industry Hub, get in touch with the team and book a tour.

Meet Alex Shapilsky

Alex is the head of Space Tech at Cicada Innovations, where he is leading the National Space Industry Hub. With a rich background in mechatronics and a diverse commercial career that spans from vibrant tech startups to esteemed corporates like Jacobs and Macquarie Group, his experience spans manufacturing, ICT, infrastructure, IoT, drones, prop tech, and, notably, space.

Meet Space Hub Residents & Alumni

The National Space Industry Hub is proudly supported by the NSW Government.

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