Today’s challenges, tomorrow’s breakthroughs

While the world faces some of the most complex challenges in history, we live in a time of groundbreaking scientific progress. Deep technology has the potential to benefit the lives of people around the globe and create radical positive change environmentally, socially and economically.

Deep tech covers a wide gamut of industries, and these innovations overlap into all areas of the economy.

At Cicada Innovations, we support the most ambitious deep tech ventures focused on the world’s most pressing problems and promising opportunities in climate, energy, agriculture medicine, manufacturing, and space.

Focus Areas


How can we extend human life and cure disease?

Climate + Energy

How can we protect the environment and design systems that preserve resources?

Food + Agriculture

How can we create food security and feed a growing population? 


How can space exploration and research benefit humankind on Earth? 

Advanced Industry

How can intelligent machines supercharge human productivity?


Our work in health spans over a decade. From supporting award-winning health tech ventures and offering a range different programs to help innovators commercialise their solutions.


Partnered with the NSW Government, our National Space Industry Hub offers physical facilities, resources and accelerator programs to emerging space ventures and researchers. 

Agriculture + Food

We have a long history of supporting groundbreaking Australian agrifood ventures and collaborating with industry partners to make an impact in this ever changing industry.

Companies that have participated in our agrifood programs have collectively raised over $117m. 

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