Welcome to Australia’s home for deep tech

Cicada Innovations is Australia's leading deep tech incubator. With a twenty year track record of developing ventures focused on the world’s most pressing problems and promising opportunities.

Our incubators, training, and community is designed to meet the unique needs of deep tech startups. From cutting-edge labs and flexible space, to mentors and a network of ambitious peers. Our mission is to help startups grow and make Australia a leader in deep tech innovation.

Purpose built for deep tech

Our incubator residents have access to custom labs and offices, specialist equipment, training and a thriving community.

If you are a deep tech startup looking for a unique home to grow your business, find out more about our incubator.

Full-lifecycle support

From benchtop to IPO, we support entrepreneurs throughout the startup lifecycle, helping them to grow their commercialisation skills and scale their ideas into deep tech ventures.

Building community

Our community is for those who believe in the potential of deep tech. We connect and engage entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and policymakers in meaningful conversations, and inspire action to develop more R&D driven businesses to create a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Cicada x Tech23

The long running event Tech23 joins the Cicada family, united by our shared mission to celebrate and amplify Australia's radical innovators. 

Showcasing 23 of Australia’s most promising early-stage ventures, Cicada x Tech23 is an annual festival celebrating radical innovation and brave ideas from the world of deep tech. The event connects founders with an audience of problem solvers, investors and big thinkers – inviting the ecosystem to support game-changing people and ideas that can revolutionise our world.

InBIA Best Incubator in the World 



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696 residents

Thousands of jobs created

Upcoming programs and events

Space Hub Connect

September 13th, 2023
​Come along to Space Hub Connect as we explore the fundraising process, the dynamics between investors and startups.

Deep Tech Origin Stories: Raj Bagri, Founder of Kapture

September 13th, 2023
Raj Bagari will take us on a journey from the initial spark of inspiration for starting Kapture, through to the process of getting to customer pilots and scaling the technology.
Register here

Space Elevate

November 1st, 2023
Space Elevate is a course a fast-paced, hands-on workshop for Australian researchers, engineers, and early stage entrepreneurs with revolutionary space tech idea looking for personalised advice and feedback to help you grow faster. Applications are open for Space Elevate in Sydney.
Find out more

HealthTech Connect

September 14th, 2023
​Have we found a working business model for AI in health?

HealthTech Hub Masterclass Series

September 13th, 2023
How do I know my idea has commercial potential? Join our complimentary masterclass to understand whether your ​​bio or medtech solution is commercially viable – and how to accelerate your pathway to market.
Register here

HealthTech Hub Commercialisation 101

September 5th, 2023
Enhance your fundamental commercialisation skills with the guidance of industry experts at this exclusive, complimentary 2-day workshop.
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Jumar Bioincubator

Cicada is proud to be the operator of Jumar Bioincubator. A soon to open Melbourne-based incubator that provides wrap around support and services to early-stage and scaling biotech ventures so they can progress discoveries towards real-world treatments and therapies.

The deep tech opportunity

For every $1 generated by a deep tech company, more than $3 of value is created for other startups, businesses and the general public. We believe deep tech has the potential to transform the Australian economy.

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