There is a shared kitchen in the Accelerator Hub that is free to use. You will have access to a fridge, hot water tap, microwave and food storage space. Please remember to supply your own tea, coffee and utensils and to wash up after yourself!  

There are male and female bathrooms located on levels G, 1 and 2 on the left and right of the elevator.

There are showers located in every bathroom. Mobility impaired bathrooms are situated on all levels.

The ground floor atrium space is an ideal area to work, socialise and network. It is regularly used for the Monthly Buzz networking drinks and other social events.

Funkychino Cafe is located on the ground floor, run by Michelle and Christina. Opening hours are 7:30am-5:00pm. Make sure to give it a go when you’re hankering after your next coffee hit!

Bike racks
Are located on the ground floor at the north and south end of the building. It is first come, first serve for a space. You will need to provide your own lock as storage is at your own risk.

We actively support waste recycling and have a number of initiatives in place to facilitate this. Used printer cartridges and old batteries can be dropped off at Reception. The cleaners will empty your bins each day but you are responsible for any excess waste. Please flat pack cardboard boxes and other excess rubbish to dispose of in the bins behind the building.

Is disposed of in the hazardous waste containers located outside in a secured cage area behind the building. Please visit Reception for the key and update the register with the weight of the waste for later on-charging to your account.

The e-waste bin is in the service passage to the rear of the building for all your electronic waste – PCs, routers, cables, printers, monitors etc.

After hours air-conditioning
A user activated system for after hours air- conditioning is available, please see the Facilities Manager, AJ, for further information.

Printer Station
A printer/scanner/photocopier, booklet binder, laminating machine, and other office equipment is available for your use in the Accelerator Hub and Suite 105. Please follow the printer installation instructions found here on the Client Portal.

Engine Shop (Makerspace)
A rapid prototyping lab for hardware companies containing 3D printers, laser cutter, electronics lab, hardware microscope, general hand tools and assembly space is available to hardware companies. The hardware lab is on the ground level (G14), the laser cutter is also located on the ground floor (G07/7), and the electronics room is located on level 1 in suite 125/T11.

Members must be inducted to access the makerspace. Please book an Engine Shop Induction through the link on the Client Portal.

The Biofoundry is housed on level 1 and provides access to additional lab equipment and knowledge sharing. The biofoundry is an informal group of citizen scientists democratising science and solving scientific problems in novel ways.  

Shared Wet lab

The shared lab situated on the ground floor contains autoclaves, a fume hood, an ice machine, a dishwasher, refrigerators, RO water and other equipment available for use. Please contact the Facilities Manager, AJ, for further information.